Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I want to turn it all off in my head
The way I do my computer at night
But I can’t.
So I grip the keyboard
And focus on the screen
Hoping I can pretend
It will all go away,
When nothing works that way
We’re programmed to continue on
Long after the input has ceased
And the reason for this app or that
No longer exists
Grin and bear it, I think
Shuffling papers even when
The worst of it starts
When the hard driver overheats
And the disk drive keeps on spinning
The images reeling across the screen
Of what once was or could have been
A musical sound track of beeps
Suggesting that it all still his
How do you turn it off
When there is no switch
Grin and bear it,
and hope it doesn’t show on your face
we’re all professionals here
all struggling to make sense
of this crazy space we share
trying never to care too much
when sometimes,
we just can’t help it.

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