Sunday, August 31, 2014

Laying it on thick (from My Little Book of E)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I smear it on with both hands
Just for the excuse to lick it off
To feel the hard and soft of it,
To linger near the top
And delve into the bottom
To know it all with the best part of me
To taste what I touch,
To feel each inch of landscape
By having moved over it,
And I move slowly
As not to miss anything
Each flaw a treasure,
Each ripple a luxurious side trip
To fit with the tip or lip
As I move on,
There is always too much to
Take in all at once
Too many tiny places
To slip in and out of,
Too little time
to know as much as I should,
And like a road-weary tourist
I vow to explore this or that
On my next trip
Aching for the chance 
At least one more encounter,
Hoping beyond hope
That I have done enough
To deserve another lick
Smearing it all on so thick
I can’t possibly miss

My next try.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The salty haze of uncertainty

Friday, August 29, 2014

I breathe the scent of salmon
As the net scrapes against my thigh
And I think of you
And the sea we all sale in
Waiting for the mesh to drop
The panic in the up-churned waves
The up and down and sideways
That leaves us perpetually confused
As to which way we have come
Or where we should go,
The tight ropes that bind us
And scrap our sin with a mixture
Of pain and pleasure,
The lost of the unknown
Mingled with the lack of free will,
The prickly coarse entwinement
Containing us as the moist fingers
Beats around us and over us,
And yet we somehow remain secure,
Wanting sure hands to haul us in,
A warm touch to rub those limbs
Where the ropes chafed
To ease the ache with bliss
And until we cannot tell
Which is which, nor care,
Only that we are no longer lost,
No longer drowned
In the salty haze of uncertainty.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The leaves cling to the ground
With the first autumn rain
Skins slick with wet
As if churned from a summer’s sweat,
The rubbing of limbs
The moan of pressing trunks
The expired sigh of each breeze,
All lost in this afterglow
Of changing seasons
And the expected chill
That makes limbs shudder
And press even deeper
To retain bits of warmth
And keep it all from oozing out
Winter being such a long
And exasperating time
That makes us cling
All the closer but without
The rage of heat,
we rubbing together
like stick against stone
expecting no burst of flame
but a slow and steady smoldering
we hope will keep us warm
until spring springs upon us again,
bringing back summer’s bliss.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

What I live for

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I melt in your hand
AND in your mouth,
A stick of butter
Injected into scalding heat
You cool me
Only just enough
To mold me,
An oozing mass
Of hissing steam
My thoughts evaporate
When I think of you,
I never learned
The most fundamental lesson
I touch heat
And it hurts so bad
I always have to do it again
And still want more,
I’m like one of those trees
Whose seeds pop
When set on fire
I can’t get out of the kitchen
Even if I wanted to,
Stirred up on your stove top
Until I’m all froth,
You drink me up
A bit of slip clinging
To your upper lip,
You sip, I drip,
The ever melting man
Aching for you
To melt me
To mold me
It’s what I live for.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Vampire love?

Monday, August 11, 2014

The wind weaves
Through the meadow grass
Like fingers through
Strands of hair,
The palms of my hands
Moist in the chill air
My breath near your ear,
The nip of love bites
Always leading to
Blood lust,
My lips brushing
Your neck
Always with the deeper
Hunger for more,
Always struggling on
With the eternal debate
How deep to sink my teeth,
To satisfy this that rises
Up inside of me,
Not done until buried deep
This flesh that seeks
A moist sheath,
To draw in and out
Each blow matched by
The blow of breath
And the moan of this meadow
Wind as it stirs,
This vampire love
Leaving me to wonder
How deep to feed
To sedate this insatiable hunger
My lips pressed against soft flesh
And with infinite impatience
Seeking solace in twin peaks
I can easily reach,
How deep do I plunge
And will it ever be enough?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The right combination

August 10, 2014

He puts two hands on her
And feels her tremble
Like a flower with each
Delicate leaf vibrating
And wet with morning dew
He can taste just by touching
His fingers reaching deep
To places the rest of him
Aches to go
And she is all eyes and mouth
Beneath his face
So his breath breathes
Her breath,
And his gaze sees only
What she wishes him to see
And like a boy trying to find
The right combination to a puzzle
He works his fingers to see
What he can unlock
And make those eyes
Open up to him,
So he might reach into her place
He cannot reach now
Without her permission

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Better than nothing

August 7, 2014

She tells me to kneel
And I kneel
Her jaw clenched
And her fingers,
As if she clutches a whip,
I didn’t always do
What I was told to do
And that was the trouble,
But I do now,
Knowing that it’s her way
Or no way
And no way is unacceptable
Since I do not exist without her
This is not just love
It’s physics
Like a Star Wars movie
With two sides to the force
And my hands bound
By the all powerful
And my mouth gagged
By the fear that I might
Bring down doom
If I think too much for myself,
So I stop thinking
And do what I’m told to do
Regardless of how much it hurts,
Accepting my fate
With bowed head,
Knowing this is better than
The nothing I would be
Without her.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


August 6, 2014

I am always the voyeur,
Taking sneak peeks at your soul
To see what’s there,
Truth as naked as a new born
And just as frail,
my long rough fingers,
Caressing its forehead
And then it’s thigh
Trying to squeeze out of it,
The last bit of sweet juice
Before it all seems like a lie.
I have no shame,
I feel what I need to
In order to feel alive,
Throbbing head to toe
With need I can rarely satisfy,
Throwing open curtains
Plunging through,
Laying truth on its back
So I can have my way with it,
And it always lets me do
Whatever I want,
Tasting what I need to taste
Touching what I have to touch,
Letting me rock it to sleep
As I lay down beside it.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


August 3, 2014

Beads of morning rain’s residue
Lingers on the lips of pedals
Of meadow roses
like tears cried from
And overnight storm
I only dreamed about
The aftermath of a shaken world
I feel as I stroll
This meadow path
Air heavy over me
And inside of me
My thirst barely quenched
From sipping these lingering leaves,
The pink pedals spread
To expose their yellow insides
While all around
Green and purple thistles
Make it impossible to touch
Each kiss I attempt
Bringing blood to my lips
Not bliss as I slip
Through the tips of leaves
To linger and look at
Those pink pedals
But not to touch,
Blisters of thirst on my lips
Instead of a kiss
As those pink flowers
Drip, drip, drip.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Emperor’s new clothes

August 2, 2014

I feel you right through
All these layers of cloth,
Sketched out in public places
As if we both wore
The Emperor’s new clothes
Everybody can fully see
But us, or maybe merely me,
Seeing what I ache to see,
Feeling what I need to feel,
Each brush in public
Feeding some hunger in me
I can feed in no other way,
My life caught
On the frayed edges
Of my sleeve,
Rubbing shoulders too hard
And too often
Because I can’t rub
In any other way
Trying to rub off
Every bit of that
Invisible cloth
So there is nothing
Between us

At all.

Friday, August 1, 2014


August 1, 2014

We breathe out heat like an old fan,
Huffing and puffing until the air boils
And we drip, drip, drip,
As we wait for the thermometer to explode,
No weather vane to tell us
How long this storm will last,
That rocks us after dark,
Or where the bolts of lightning
Will strike next,
Each rumble of thunder
Rising from out of us
As we rise and fall,
The hiss of steam in our ears
And the bliss of its relief
When we release,
The shock of the first bolt
When it finally finds the right spot,
And we breathing life
into each other with each
Breath we breathe,
Me into you, you into me,
Leaving both of us breathless
When we finally stop.