Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sunsets so sweet

I need each day to end in sunset,
Not that hazy gray that lingers
This time in winter.
I need nights in satin sheets
And sweet explosions
That ends in sleep,
My sunsets stained
Inside of you,
Both of us
Tattered and bruised
Amid each other thighs.

Sometimes I staggered
Through dark streets
Just another forgetful aging drunk
Aching for moments
I have long lost to memory
Sipping sunsets that no longer are,
Feeling sheets no longer sweet,
Missing the tangle of limbs
in the sagging of fading time

I want to go back
Not to change time
But to relive it,
To feel each release again
To rub cheeks against
Those same silk sheets
To see those same
Blazing sunsets
That burned me so deeply
I can never forget them