Saturday, June 2, 2012

This or that?

We will always wonder what is there
Behind this tree or question where
Light goes when we’re not looking
Or smoke goes when we are cooking
Shadows always fill our lives
Leaving us to question why
Water trickles off a cliff
Or what side a coin show when we flip
Is this the cave we evolved from
What is the next thing we need done
What will we learn if we dig this tone up
Or will we spent our lives in doubt
Poets talk about paths they tread
And look to others with sad regrets
I wonder just how far I can go
Before someone stops me and tells me no
I walk through woods and look for bears
And realize most people don’t want them there
I walk at night through pools of light
Seeking answer to what it right
I see the moss that grows on trees
And know that none will grow on me
I delve into caves from which I cam
Knowing that here I someday remain
Daring darkness to extinguish me
And make it so I can no longer see.

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