Saturday, June 16, 2012

Men of Tin

How do you stand us like this
egos protruding from our pointed heads
like oil spouts, letting our brains drip out
so we have so little left to think with,
men of metal whose clomping feet
march over tender hearts like blades of grass
women’s souls more vulnerable
than their tough skins portray
wondered from the inside out
lust thrust into your faces
you have no time to duck
No time for honesty, tenderness
or even self-reflection
enduring our rusty touch as part of
the price you must pay to survive
our faces plastered with sports headlines,
dirty jokes and lies,
we so transparent in our wants and needs
you don’t even need between the lines
to know us, letting us lean over you
plunge into you, all with the pretense of love
you taking us in, but always with a price
we always pay, even though the real cost
is born inside of you,
each thrust leaving bruise that later bleed.
How do you endure us
and this perpetual game of trivial pursuit,
we seeking to match wits with you
when we have no wits left
while you sit with your oil can waiting
the one man of tin that still has a heart
waiting forever,
knowing down deep,
none will ever come.

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