Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shelter from the storm?

I almost go out of my mind
When the first cracks of thunder come
flashes of lightning
leaving their mark on me
like secret messages
I cannot interpret
I feel so out of control
as the first splat of rain
slaps at the pavement
near by feet
No one ever has total control
over their own life
but it’s terrible to watch
the last bits of it wash away
pouring out the drain spouts
like extended tears
you knowing that the debris
of your past life
can never again be retrieved
sometimes, you want to let it all go
letting it spill through your fingers
so you can start life from scratch,
but the rumble in the air scares you,
you see the waters rise
and you think you might drown
you don’t survive storms
by leaping into their most furious parts
you find shelter
and if your shelter leaks too much
you find another.

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