Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Right to exist

I see the foot in the dark,
A toe nail bright against
The backdrop of a cat
A sphinx for all it’s dignity
A monument among
The barely visible icons
Of the darkened room
Everything full of secrets
No one dare unveil
This universe spinning
In its own orbit
With no real design
Full of false gods
And hasty assumptions
That only the most steadfast
Can defy
This foot and its mate
Set upon a path
No mere god can defy
No deity carving
Can intimidate
Inspired by something
Grander beyond
The vision of this room
something inside, not out
that only this sphinx
fully sees
knowing that this
internal reality
won’t fade away
but will remain as fixed
as the universe,
born of some
big bang long ago,
shouting for its own right
to exist,
one foot with glowing nail,
one cat sublime
shouting with silence
for their own right
to exist.

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