Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Looking out for number one

“You can’t depend on anyone else,”
I heard myself telling someone recently,
Hating the whole idea of it,
Always wanting someone to need me
Though I knew it was true.
“In today’s world, you only have yourself
And you have to make sure you have all
That you need to survive.”

I was talking about the poor fool
I knew who had set himself adrift
At middle age, struggling to find
A new place to anchor
Something more than a temporary harbor,
An old fashioned idea
That wasn’t true even when fashionable.

“You can’t lean on anybody,” I told him
Over the telephone during an extend conversation
“You have to look out for number one.
Sometimes, you’ll find a friend or two to help
But never long, nothing permanent
No one matters more to you than you do
And shouldn’t.
If you don’t look out for yourself
No one will.”

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