Friday, June 8, 2012

Moment to moment

I walk down the street
And hear myself breathe
Counting each breath
To keep myself
From thinking too much,
Or feeling
It’s always safe to breathe,
I think,
but you never know

I deliver my bags of laundry
And start the machines
Studying the front of the one
With the brightest colored clothing
Each tumbling among the suds
As if in love’s embrace
It’s safe to stare, I think
But you never know..

I repeat the sequence for the dryer
Where the colors grow on me
Each fluffing up
As I stare
Each arm of a shirt
Wrestling with the leg of pants
All embracing and letting go
It’s safe to watch, I think,
But you never know.

It’s never safe to think too much
To dwell on faces or voices
Or to remember too much
About what has been said,
Warnings of doom
That hang over head
Promises of salvation,
It’s never safe to believe
Too much in a future
That can never be
Or a past that never was,
It’s not even safe to believe
In here and now,
Moment to moment,
But you never know.

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