Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mutually assured destruction

What you got, I got,
But you can do more immediate damage
No survivors
A regular neutron bomb
You finger on the trigger
Thinking I might
Fire first,
You thinking
Mine will take time to work,
Weapons I never
Intend to use,
But scare you
Like old horror movies
Or like cancer,
Things that dig deep into the bone
At what is real or not
Never mistaking the masks
For the person,
Always driving to the core,
The most vulnerable spot,
You thinking if
You can wipe me out
I might not have life
To launch an offensive
Giving fair warning
About an attack
Only you imagine
I will launch,
But in the end,
It’s all just
The belief in
A mutually assured destruction
That will never happen,
I don’t have my finger
On any trigger
The way you do.

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