Saturday, June 30, 2012

Union City

All I wanted was a photograph
Of a memory
A meeting in a diner
Then a walk and a talk
When anything was still possible,
In this world where all else seemed wrong
The roots of a family history
Dug deep here like a grave
A place we were later fated
To roam like ghosts
The sadness of the tales
You told me rooted in me
As if I had lived them, too,
So deep a wound we bled as we walked
Still thinking of that one girl
And the eve of her wedding
Still mourning her as if I had
Helped to give her birth
This city so full of grit
That to walk in it
Is to get stained
And all I wanted was to capture
That moment and treasure it
Perhaps – as I framed it in my mind
I did not see the edge
Until I stumbled over it.

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