Monday, July 2, 2012


These things always come
At the time I need them most
Like my cousin’s wedding
In 1987 when I was down and out
Just when I think love doesn’t exist
Someone comes along to prove me wrong
a hastily thrown-together ceremony
Contemplated for years
Then plunge into in slightly over a week
Meant to last a life time,
And most likely will
With me a not-so-innocent bystander
Called up to commemorate the moment
with camera and flash
and when a witnessed failed to arrive
stepping up into that role, too
To sign my name to a document
Meant to last forever
Feeling like a father giving away
His only daughter
And scared about her fate
When love explodes out of them
With a radiance
I need sunblock to endure
Proving once again
Love does prevail
For those who know how to wait
And what do look for
And me, the ever skeptical witness
Blinded by their passion
And their persistence
A lesson in life
I have to learn again and again and again
But always coming back to this same place
Knowing that it can be real after all.

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