Monday, July 23, 2012

One foot in each world

I can’t believe I have a bum leg
In the world of magic, too,
A man ought to get a break
When he steps over into the other side
me being the bearer of light
Shouldn’t I be able to walk straight?
And not constantly trip over
Things I don’t see in the dark
One foot in each world
And I’m still deaf, dumb and blind,
Searching for the glow I know
You must have in that world, too,
I have to wonder at what other flaws
I have dragged with me over the brink,
Am I as moody over there?
As self righteous
As pig headed,
Do I still blow my top each time
Someone spreads a lie about me?
Am I the same muddle-headed fool
I am on this side
Knee-jerking with a bad knee
When all I want out of life on either side
Is to feel good about myself,
To find real live that hasn’t been tainted
By real life.

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