Friday, July 6, 2012

Smashing Watches

You never really know what the truth is
When you take a hammer to a watch
You want to know what’s inside so bad
You smash and never learn how it works
A man might look you straight in your eyes
And say what he claims is true
When everything but his eyes
Tells you he’s lying
And you have no way to prove it
So you smash the watch
And watch the springs slither across
The table top between you,
Reading no more truth at all
Just ruined metal
You can never know how much
A man knows unless you ask him
And must somehow have faith
In what he says is true
Even when you know it might not be
Even when the tock ticks tell you
Something else is true
And you know if you want to keep
The world in balance
You let the watch tick
And let his lie lay where it is
On his lips
But some men like me always
Smashes watched,
Even when in the end
Nothing good comes of it.

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