Friday, July 20, 2012

Old foot steps

I still walk these old streets
Though I’ve not been here in decades
My life branded on those sidewalks
As permanently as the names of starts
My sweat dripping between the splotches
Of dried up chewing gum
And the tiny coffins of old cigarettes
My voice raised to hawk the paper
Nobody wants after the first day
And lately, I wander here more often
Than before because of you,
My steps tracing your steps
Though I have not seen them until now
Steps I would have run after
Seeking you out, begging you to know me
As I know you now
That world colliding with mine
Over uncertain connections
So that after all this time we meet
If only in between the beats
And beeps of some
Temperamental electronic beast
But I still walk these streets
In my dreams
Seeking those steps from long ago.

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