Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Water Fairies

I walk out to the river
Where the old piers lay
Like the exposed bones
Of some ancient predator
Life streaming by it
Sending waves to lick
At its dilapidated sides
Sunlight playing over it
A strangely silent place
For this part of the world,
Hoboken, New York, Weehawken
All leaning in to stare
At its broken top
Taking pity on it, perhaps
Even offering it comfort
Like kindly gods
As the ferries rush by
Headed to the hubbub
In other parts of this famous harbor,
Me and this pier fast friends
After so many encounters such as this,
Me coming to it like a pilgrim
Seeking its indulgence
As we both somehow endure
The ravages of time and circumstance
And maybe our own folly,
Seeking forgiveness
From the water fairies
Who play upon the glittering surface,
Each bearing a soft smile
As if to say,
All will be well
If we let it

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