Friday, July 6, 2012

Never free of guilt

You can’t ever escape guilt
When you’re always
At least half wrong
Guilt clings to you
Like a wet rag
And no matter how
You shake your feet
To get free of it
You never do.
Nor can you make up
For the disasters you cause
Such as the man
Whose cigar ignites
A brush fire
Turn forest fire
Even though he
Rescues his neighbor’s dog
Even provoked
You can’t claim innocence
Knowing that deep inside
You always had this
Particular button
The wrong people
Could always push,
And you always let
The wrong people push it,
Just to see what happens
Then crying foul
At the ill feelings
If what you feel
Are real feelings at all
Sometimes, it’s just a roar
You hear in your ears,
Or a hiss of escaping steam
The source of which
You can never find,
But you know the heat
Because it scalds your fingers
And rarely does the person
Who pushed the button
In the first place
Ever get burned.

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