Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ode to truth

We met in the park
He and I,
me sharing the deepest
Secrets of my life
With a man I thought
Was my friend
Because I had no one
Else to tell
And I trusted him,
Desperate to get his advice
On how I could ease
The pain
Trying not to let on
To anybody else
What I felt or knew
As not to hurt you
His voice always
The voice of reason
And calm,
Who turned out
A lip licking sneak
Who snuck back
Out of your sight
Content to know
My secrets
Without telling you
He knew,
And me,
carrying inside me
This new secret of his deceit
Without even
A park bench tell to you on
Knowing how much you trusted
This man
Knowing how I would
Get the blame
When I let his secret lie out,
Knowing that
I would be branded a gossip
When I trusted the same
Untrustworthy man
You trusted
And had to somehow
Warn you
And risked my life
Telling you.

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