Friday, July 13, 2012

All or nothing – or nothing at all

Qualities in people do not come ala cart
You can’t pick and choose which parts
You like and leave the rest for someone else
Picking the writer over the social butterfly
The singer over the late night host
Explaining perhaps why old lovers
Just can’t become friend
Always getting bogged down by the bad parts
Nothing person, they tell you, when
It is personal you crave,
Only not the “too personal” that got in the way
Ion the first place
That stuff that always takes you back to that
Turn in the road when all went south
But you do need a road map to get
To the turn you wanted in the first place
When a smile and nod meant nothing more
Than what they were
A road map to direct you passed all
the wrong turns that always end up in dead ends
Even the right turn is risky
With no real guarantee you’ll get where
You want, you can only hope for the best
And keep driving.

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