Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Because of you

October 10, 1977


She always cried easily,
When words fell upon her
And you were the reason.


You were the storms
She carried to bed at night
Whispering their soft wind blow,
Their scattered snow fall,
You dropped words into her head
Like coins into a wishing well,
Each spanking the sides as they fell,
And splashing at the bottom.


You drew pictures in her mind
That I could never photograph
Turned pages, I could never read
Opened doors, I am too small
To even reach


She took your words to sleep
Embracing them,
Caressing them,
Reading them over and over
Until they danced on
The bed sheets before her


They were her friends
The witty little people
That hid in the hall closet
There for only her to see
To talk to,
There for her to run to


When summer’s fiery fingers flashed
Merrily across the sky
And its giant hands clapped loudly
Terrifying her,
It was you to whom she ran
Spreading your pages before her
These her bible, her comfort
Her cure,
She had you.


Her shades fell
Your words
Still lingering in that soft
Gray beyond,
And tears appeared on her cheeks


Because of you!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The flavor of magic

June 12, 1974
The artist, he sketches,
The ocean at east,
The clam shell blanket
The sand in the breeze,
A picture of millions
Of sea gull wings
Like vultures they scavenge
They ravage, they seethe,
And with a favor of magic
And winter’s cool freeze
He sketches their tragic
Fall to their knees

Friday, May 9, 2014


I dream of it in a fit
The huff and puff of breath
Lost in the pillows of my mind
Like a tooth fairy wish
For some deeper thing
I can’t define
Night is always a tug of war
Between what I want
And what I should have done
With me the flag in the middle
Fluttering in anticipation
Of just which side

I will wind up on