Monday, March 30, 2015

Jelly fish or rock?

Monday, March 30, 2015

I feel each crease
In the palm of your hand
As it moves over me,
Soft always leading to hard,
As life’s calluses
Wears me away
I am the stone
The sea waves wash over,
Thinking I am so permanent
Or powerful yet
Gets consumed over time
Each wave’s rhythm
Stripping from me
Layers of my invulnerability,
Until I am raw
And naked
With nothing to protect me
And still it goes on,
A ceaseless stroke of salt
That leaves me
Drowning in foam,
A sand crab seeking holes
Into which to bury myself,
Seeking warmth
Seeking to leave the waves pass
Flowing over me
And through me,
Each tide turning me
Into a quivering mass
Of transparent flesh,
I am jelly fish
After all,
Shivering with the subtlest touch
Pretending I am a stone
Or crab or anything other
Than what I am,
Pretending this salty kiss
Does not affect me
When it shake
At the mere thought.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Friday, March 20, 2015

I put it all in your mouth
Ever sacred word
Or secret thought
Until it spills out
At your lips
My madness dripping
Down your chin,
And you, savagely
Hungrily licking
To catch each drip
This pursuit of knowledge
This intense ache
For the sweet fruit
A passion for mystery
We cannot contain,
Me, pumping you full
Of my misconceptions
You taking in ever bit of it,
In a fit of love,
We rock over
This smooth landscape,
Seeking solace
In what we spill
And cannot catch,
Both of us consumed
By it all,
Both of us needing
It to keep going
Even as it drips out
Through our outstretched


Thursday, March 12, 2015

A cold kiss

February 7, 2015

The snow falls on an already frozen earth
A kiss of winter I cannot avoid
So soft I ache to embrace it
Though we know it only lengthens
And makes the ache worse
As we make our way through it,
This is no great storm
I will tell my grandkids about
Just a huff of winter’s breath
I will soon forget,
A brief embrace I cling to
A frigid touch that burns inside
So gentle on my upturned lips
I can barely feel its kiss
Or believe that the same hard winter
That brought on the ice
Brought this through the haze of cloud
And the brief glimpses of sunlight
That sneak through the veil
Chill fingers seeking softness
And making me melt
I walk in a dream of falling flakes,
My hands working through
This frail fabric searching
My fingers seeking warmth
I struggle to find,
Needing to feel real warmth,
Teased by this cool temptation,
This promise for more,
Needing it to fill me up,
Touch me from the inside out,
Needing to move as it moves
To feel as it feels,
Kissing it as it kisses me,
Needing to know it all
Before it fades away,
A kiss that comes from another
Warmer time and place,
Dancing before me
Like an illusion

Sunday, March 8, 2015

No sale

(Girl in the black dress at the Red Baron December 27, 1978)

Seated on a bar stool
as if a throne, she said,
“So, you want it,”
You want it so bad
You can taste it,
Ache for the flavor of it?
Does it dance on the edge of your tongue?
You’ve have it before, but not from me,
Tearing open blue jeans with your teeth.
You’re so suave, so unique
You handle us all so well,
Or so you say.
I don’t need proof, thank you.
But you if you need it
Then dig it,
I want something, too,
Something else
Something you don’t have,
Once called love
And like me
It ain’t for sale.

So beat it.”