Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I wear you like silk

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I pull you over me
Like a silk sheet
Cool skin growing
Warm with a touch
Soft on every part
As I move
This sleep we sleep
That is not sleep at all,
Shakes us at every turn,
We making and remaking
This bed we lay on
Finding excuses
To ruffle it,
I feel you around me,
Tight the way
A glove is tight
But it is not a finger
I press inside,
Easting in and out,
The ritual that wakes me
And also puts me
To sleep,
As potent as any drug,
We strolling leaf-strewn paths
In our own waking
And in our dreams,
Hear the hoot of trains
That have long ceased
To come this way,
Leaving only the soot
Of their passing
On dark tunnels below,
For us to explore,
And the soft touch
Of silk around our limbs
This pace we exist in,
Real and unreal
Made up each morning
By the made service
Of our rational minds
To become ruffled again
By passion that has
No reason,
Only ritual and release

Monday, September 21, 2015


I dream of flower petals
The soft stroke
Of tender fingers
Across my brow
Or cast across my path
Like pink snow
I ache for the just turned leaves
Autumn’s lips
Tips dipped in bits of red,
I ache to kiss
I live a Wizard of Oz life
The scared man behind the curtain,
The cowardly lion
Stumbling and bumbling
Through a landscape
Of Freudian slips
Over which I constantly trip,
Never able to say
What I need to say
When I need to say it
My head so full of haze
It might be cotton candy,
Or the faded pink
Of a faded movie,
With me
Always aching in mid step
To stop and dive deep
Into the midst of pink,
To spread it
and taste what
Lay beneath,
To kiss the red tips
And tender lips,
Each pedal a special gift
Too frail to touch too hard,
But I always do,
Me, lost in this maze
Of my own making,
A bumbling, tumbling
Head of straw
Knowing my brain
Can’t cure the pain
A metal man searching for a heart
That is already broken,
Each joint stiff
With the fall of rain,
And still the pain
Comes, the ache pounds
Inside me as if I am trapped
Inside my own chest
A phony wizard
Needing to drown myself
Once and for all
In pink.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

End of summer rain

The water drips from your chin to chest
And I lick it up,
The rain drenching the world
With its cool touch,
And I need to taste
Where each drop goes
In order to know it,
I believe nothing I see
Needing to feel it,
Or taste it
Needing to take it inside
So that it blossoms in me,
Seeds carried at the core of it
The way rain drops
Carry specks of dust
Each bit a hint at a place
It has touched,
So I may touch it, too,
The taste of that place
Lingering on the tip of my tongue
Until I swallow,
All of it consuming me
This romance that devours us all,
One unable to consume
Without being consumed,
All this union, this push and pull
These drips of drops
We learn to know it all.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rime or reason?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

I don’t know who you are
Lingering on the edges of my world
A strained violin note
Stretched out inside my head
Until I can’t think
Or breathe
Feeling its vibrations
Pounding up from the core of me
A stranger’s song
Until it becomes
An earthquake
I can’t escape,
A melody
With no rime or reason
I can’t stop

Sense of sense

(date unknown)

I weave my finger through you hair
It feels like water and I wonder
Why my fingers are not wet
This touch, a rush inside me
I cannot fully explain,
This need to feel it
Whenever I look at you
To taste it and to know
All there is to know

I kiss your lips and lick
It with the tip of my tongue
Tasting all there is too taste,
Needing to feel deep inside
So as to know exactly what
You really feel like,
Knowing that I can never
Really know you until I
Know you from the inside out

I lay beside you in the heat
The sweat dribbling from us both
As we breathe deep
I can see nothing in the dark
But I still feel you
And I still taste you
As we breathe deeply together

This sense of sense
Not at all lost in the dark
Though with my eyes closed
I still ache for more