Saturday, August 6, 2016


You take her in with slow sips lettingletting her taste linger on the tip of tongue, savoring all of her over as long aa time as you can, to gulp heris all about, to understand heryou need to let her seep insideyou, filling you up until you aredrunk, and even then you only geta whiff of her flavor, even thenyou get just enough for you towant moreshe is so fragile you can breakher into pieces if you act too fast,blow glass figurine filled withliquid so pure you don't deserveher, and yet, she will give you asip if you ask just right, and anotherif you take her gift as a gift anddon't expect it.One sip and you have all of her, andyet not have her at all, she evaporatesif you did not drink her well, andstill she is too much to take ineven when she offers all she hasto you, an endless well of joy,not meant for men at all, and toointense for long duration.She is gone before you want hergone, and like some spirit on the wind, may or may not return.

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