Saturday, August 6, 2016

moonlight won't turn her into anything

Moonlight won't turn her into anything day light hasn't alreadyexposed, what grand lips shehas, and hips, and eyes thatglow day or night, she defyingthe old myths, gobbling upheart after heart the waylittle Red Riding hood couldnever, huffing and puffinguntil we blow our own housesdown just to please her,she is every fairytalecome true, grim at firstthen with hopes of a happy ending, we are thebread crumbs she spreadthrought the woods to keepfrom wandering too deeplyinto the dark forest of love,following the trail backafter some misadventurehas stung hereach of us willing togive our souls to helpher heal -- yet knowingit can never be enoughand still we try

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