Saturday, August 6, 2016


I watch her feed as if watching a bird,
she is as tiny as a bird, but feeds like a lioness
her hunger coming up from every finger and toe,
and not just for food, when she looks at you
her eyes take you in, digesting everything about you
no secrets between you and her, no way to escape either
not because she is so lethal so much as you're need 
to get caught, one precious limb at a time,
and you regret only when you run out of limbs to give,
and then, you let her take vital organs, even
when you know you won't survive without them
because you know you can't live with her 
and she is the most significant species you have ever met,
someone you dare not let go extinct.
I watch her feed and know she is more than a bird
or perhaps a Phoenix, only through fire is she reborn
from burns inside of me, a fire that grows hotter
and more intense the more I watch her
and a fire in which I am always consumed

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