Sunday, June 12, 2016

They shimmer like jewels in the dark (scanned notebook)

They shimmer like jewels in
the dark -- but red -- hot as
coals after the fire has just
gone out -- I burn my fingers
and my tongue with just a
start -- and I don't care --
and keep my stare
until I am so consumed I
cannot stop. I burn up
inside until I glow, too.
They shimmer and I
shake, they quiver and I
ache, red like fire, but
cool as ice, with me ready
to burn either way, unable
to tell which is which,
like an itch which I cannot
possibly scratch -- it goes
too deep and to be rid of it
I'd have to peal my skin
off and delve down into
bone where it all aches most
they shimmer and I shake
and we both glow red in
the dark.

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