Friday, June 24, 2016

I eat figs and think of you

I eat figs on the beach
and think of you, the sway
of the sea, the grit of sand
with each step I take, the
sense of being lost, or small
like a snail struggling to
escape the wrath of gulls --
my bones hurt from kneeling
or running, my head fogged
up like a stranded sail boat
I never know which way
to go or even where I have
come from, or worse where
you are when I can't see you
I eat figs and taste you,
so sweet a dish I ache
to taste even more, my
tongue rough over the
spilling seed, my need
dripping from me
I am always lost
in these dunes, pretending
my life is lived in castles
of sand, waiting for the
moment when the waves
wash them away,
I eat fights and think of you.

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