Sunday, June 12, 2016

Anything more than a kiss (scanned notebook)

I never wanted anything more than
a kiss because I never thought
I could ever get more, seducing
your lips across the table from
me day in and day out, like the
lock to a treasure I knew I
had no key to unlock, but like
a burglar thought I might gain
access that grew into a fire
I could not control, the wish
for a kiss and then a
wish for much, much more -- and
yet knowing I'd be
lucky if a kiss was all I
got, that lock pressed so
tight I could not wedge it
open with a crow bar, so
how much more was the surprirse
when it gave way, taking me
in, filling me up, until I
overflowed, this a Freudian
slip, though sometimes, a kiss
is just a kiss, when down
deep, I know it isn't.

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