Sunday, June 12, 2016

If two were one (scanned notes)

If two were one, then neither
could survive if one becomes two again
I don't want to find that half
if you people tell me I lost
something in another life. I need
you to be you whole and alive
choosing to be where you are when
you're with me
We search for love like we're
searching for the missing link, thinking
we've lost something in some other
life that we get back when we
meet here, how crazy is that to
think that we walk around in more
than one body and somehow
manage to survive when half of us
is breathing through some other
set of lungs -- this need to
be complete saying we are less
of what we are and can't be unless
be absorb you. What horror
movie did we get this from, where
love requires us to consume another
body, and still somehow to think of
this as love, when inside we
build love on shackles and chains?

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