Sunday, June 12, 2016

She believes everything with all her heart (scanned notes)

She believes everything with all her
heart, always the school girl with
a school girl crush on that one
special teacher she would do anything
to please, and did, each new lover
bearing the same basic imprint, carrying the
same burden of belief, she must take
as faith or shrivel up and cease
to exist. She always believes it all
until she ceased to believe by which
time she is so bitter she can't believe
in anything even herself, the girl
who changes everything like she changes
a dress, confident only if all the
piece line up, the accessories matching
the wardrobe she has most recently
adopted, she believes everything with all
her heart, right up to the moment her
heart falls apart. She believes
everything she is told until she
doesn't, and then she believes in
nothing, especially herself.

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