Monday, February 2, 2015

Orange marmalade

Monday, February 02, 2015

The tang of it stings my tongue
As I lick the curved inside of the spoon,
Lumps of rind still cool from the refrigerator
Clinging to my mouth as I lust for more
The kiss of sweet saddled with the lash of bitter
Lapped up and consumed
Unable for me to tell which is which
If indeed there is a difference,
And in hungering for sweet we must accept the bitter
I rarely spread across bread instead consume it
Straight out of the depths of the jar
Rattling my spoon at its bottom,
Licking as deep as my tongue will go
First around the grooves near where the lid screws on
And then into the deep of it, each inch
A painful reach that makes me ache the deeper I go
I can never get it all, as deep a reach as my tongue has –
Even my fingers, scraping the bottom
Can’t get at all the fruit, hidden in the crevices
And I settle to licking off what my fingers have found,
And still not in the least satisfied.

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