Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Narcissist in me

I stare into the reflection water
And see your face in the place
Where my face should be
Your lips instead of my lips
Your hips replacing me,
Me thinking as I stare
How being with you is not enough
Or even in your, the whole time
Wonder if it is possible to
Look out your eyes while
You look out mind
How different would it be
Trapped in your skin
Feeling what you feel
Seeing what you see,
Tasting the world’s wine
With lips that are not mine
My feet walking your shoes
My brain thinking your thoughts
Struggling your head or bed
Would I drown in this pool
Or realize the beauty there
I failed to see with mine own eye
And how much less a person
Would I become when thrust back
To view you as I always have
And how much more lonely
Having been so deep inside

And come back without you.

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