Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stitches of rain

July 13, 1982

The morning sways
With currents of rain
Dripping drop by drop
From rusting elbows
Of drains

The window is dark
With Brillo-faced clouds,
And steamed
With worry,
Another year, you think
And laugh, and close the shades

Another number
That marches up behind your name.

When you were young
You sewed them on,
Stitch by stitch
Marking sure they stayed fast

But like Penelope
You pause now, with prayer
Passing the night with pinchers
To pull them out

You weave no years
Inside of you
Nor stitched a numbered belt
Around your waist

Instead you watch
The June wind wind
Its weary wonders
Mixed with drips of undropped rain

The drains groan and grumble
The windows glaze
The morning comes again
And speaks of birth,
Birds chirping ponderously
From under the porch

Tires swish on the road like waves
You wonder after them
As if after a wandering husband

But Odysseus is home
And Telemachos
Grows within you
Another storm

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