Sunday, August 11, 2013

The impatience of being earnest

When it happens, it happens,
When it’s real, you know it’s real
The earnest yearning in the breast
You can’t resist
When love comes, it comes in a rush,
an over heated drive by, you can’t
Catch your breath from,
Or take the wait for it to happen
Again, or make it happen
When it must come when it comes
The tap of it knocks you to your knees
And you bleed from the need of it,
The gush flush against your face
From your heart’s race,
Your thoughts can’t keep pace of,
When it’s time, it’s time
And you can’t get it out of your mind,
The ache like a stake straight
Through the heart until it breaks,
Making it stop, then start
Only to rush and gush again,
It can never be enough,
This thing called love,
And you can never make it come
Until it comes
In a gush up inside you.

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