Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Don’t forget to breathe

They say that death’s twin sister is sleep
So I don’t forget to breathe
I count butterflies instead of sheep
To sleep, perhaps to dream,
But never to mistake one twin
For the other
So I don’t forget to breathe
The wrong twin is the mean twin
The twin that takes you places
You don’t want to go
No dreamscape of easy escape
But that dark space where lost souls go,
So I don’t forget to breathe
But there is beauty in that dark twin
Just as there is beauty in the dark
Of night, a slumbering infant
Winged like cupid, crossed-legged
Yoga-posed, wreath of poppies
On its bare head
The reflected lamp of madam liberty
Upside down in the dark waters
Of this harbor of ours
As tempting a sleep
As a bite from Eve’s apple is,
Love’s embrace, our last embrace
And perhaps the last
Embrace we ever need.
But don’t forget to breathe

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