Friday, August 16, 2013

The carnal sin

I hear it in the wind
A voice of love
Or lust or some
Other ache
I can’t resolve
The whisper of it
In the dead of night
Love after even
Lovers have
Embraced sleep
The call from
The great beyond
Where all carnal
Things cease,
An ache that has
No root in bones
Or soft
Flesh gone hard,
A feeling beyond
The mere plunge
Into dark
I hear it
Murmur my name
Telling me it
Is not gone,
That no bite of apple
Can cast us from
That golden bed
Where we could lay
Clutching each other
And not notice.
I hear that voice
Singing in the wind,
A song I can never
Resist, love from lust
Risen from a bitten apple,
The carnal sin

That is no sin at all.

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