Saturday, May 25, 2013


They talk to us one on one
You to him,
She to me
You pumping him up to say
Wouldn’t you be happier working
Down there,
She telling me how
Great some new and upcoming star is
When it’s all just the same game
Some puppet master pulling your strings
Her strings so you can pull his
And she can pull mine
And in the end it’s same game
Same puppet master
Only a different face
Being dumped on us
And we like sheep,
Shouldn’t look up
To see where the spin
Starts, and who is really
Being served
But to go blindly along
Ignoring the strings
You and she
Have on us
Or the strings
The spin doctor
Has on you two
Or rope around
All of our necks
That gets tightened
If we don’t
Go along
With the new

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