Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I blink and it’s gone
That will to exist
In a world so savage
My feet ache from
Walking over hot coals
Rituals of endurance
Tests of strength,
Of character,
Of will,
With me failing
As often as
I succeed
Why does all this
Have to be so
Why can’t love
ever be enough?
Why do I always
blink when the world
seems brightest?
Why do I always want
What I least deserve,
Not just because I
Can’t get it
But how little I’ve done
To earn it,
Trust, unquestioning loyalty,
Me blinking when
I should nod,
More hot coals
To stumble over,
Not enough will
To carry on,
Not enough character
To paint me as
A proper villain
Let alone a hero,
Why do I always blink
When I don’t mean to?

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