Monday, May 13, 2013

Flight is easy (from Substitute Intelligence)

March 28, 1980

“Flight is easy,”
She said, leaning over
The bar to help me
Write a poem,
Staring straight at my
Crooked script
To make sure I got
Every word right,
“Just lift your wings
And fly.
It involves one
The will to fly.”
She laughed
At this
As if she didn’t
Believe it, but
Went on anyway.
“Just as independence
Freedom,” she said.
And I could almost hear
The flapping of wings
In my ears
And feel the sun
Warming something
In my heart.
“I am content,”
She said, and as I wrote
continuing on
Where the poem
Left off,
“I see you, as I’ve
Seen you for a while,
But you are not a deer
Fleeing before me
In the woods,
But a chain,
Linked to eternity,
Linked to a two car garage,
A job in the supermarket,
Sunday sermons
And the misery of
The day to day,
Love is simple
Just lift your heart and try
It involves one ingredient,”
She said, staring straight
Into my eyes,
“an equal partner,” she said
Softly, “but it’s not me.”

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