Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I don’t want to be sad any more

I don’t want to be sad any more
I don’t mind glad, bad or even mad,
As in crazy, not hazy and lazy crazy,
But a vivid psychosis I can make the most of,
A full head soak of delusion I can count on
When tough times come, if not real love
Then a fake love love would lust after
Like a lost dog, panting in the midst of the
Illusion, just not to be sad. I love truth
Until like a tooth ach it gets too deep
And makes me weep, or leap or lose face or
Faith, a bad god is better than no god
As I sacrifice my vices on its alter, bleeding
From every orifice. I just don’t want
To be sad any more – if not glad, then mad
Enough to lust after love, the way love does
Crazy enough to believe it’s real and I can heal
Even when I know it can’t be,

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