Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mutual distrust

Hank once told me that
The only ones
You can trust
Are the ones
You can’t trust
You always
Know where
They are
coming from,”
He saying this
In the front seat
Of a car
We drove
Up to Simon’s Rock
From New Jersey,
So he could make
up with the girl
He loved
And always thought
I was trying to steal
Only for us
To get so drunk
The most he could
Do was puke on
Her feet
When she yanked
Open the door
To ask,
“What the fuck
Are you two
Doing here?”
Hiding the two of us
From the college
Until I could clean him up
And sober up enough
For that long
Lonely road
Home, he spouting
So many
Words of wisdom
We both forgot
By the time we got
Back to Jersey.
Me, remembering
Over the lip of
My hangover
The next day
That one piece of
Advice he’s spouted
Which hit me again
somewhere on the
New York Thruway,
When consciousness
Had left us both
In that dismal limbo
Of self pity
He thinking of his
Rich girl Cynthia
He knew he didn’t deserve
And me thinking
Of the distant
Girl who I thought
He’d tried to steal
And who I didn’t deserve
And neither one
Of us trustworthy
Enough except
To deserve each other,
In mutual distrust.

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