Monday, May 6, 2013

No other way

Should be different,
That ache for deep blue
When skies are gray
In a world
Where everything
Fights to survive,
Most folks
Look at this river
As a polluted mess,
Its sins spread across
Its shimmering face
As if it is to blame
When I know better
Feeding off something
Other than the fish
Or fowl that stir here
But the soul I find
Deep in the depths of it
That ever rising spirit
I used to imagine
As a kid,
Sailing these waters
Not quite immune
To its sirens
Yet not stopping up
My ears to avoid their song
Hating the darkness
The factories spew
Hating the stains left
By the evil hands
That dip into it,
I don’t pretend
This water is pure,
Only that without it,
Without some sense of it
Without the depth of it
I would diminish
No water is so pure
As we wish
Yet fish still swim here
Life still goes on,
And I come to this place
To find a piece of myself
And would have it
No other way.

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