Sunday, April 21, 2013

Plucking the celestial virgins (or Happiness is a warm gun) (with video)

April 1, 1980

Stoned again
They have terms for fools like me who huddle under dim light bulbs in dark rock clubs, jotting down words we hope someone, someday might want to read
            The back beat of the drum kit reverberates as much through me as through the walls or floor, setting something in motion inside me I can’t put a stop to.
            And this isn’t really a rock club like the clubs we usually play in, but a public performance space in a religious college for girls, who hope some day to become nuns, but aren’t acting like nuns tonight, needing to get in now what they won’t get later, ladies of faith who have no faith that their marriage to Christ will be enough, stripping off their habits for this night as an offering for later nights when they might wish they had – and we lucky enough to have arrived in their hour of need, looking better in their eyes than we actually look, taking what we want while we can get it before the chastity belt snaps shut and we lose the opportunity for ever.
And as always, I need to document these close encounters, seeking some other meaning from this other than what they obviously mean, looking as The Eagles point out, for love in all the wrong places and getting my invite to a deeper circle of hell reserved for those who cuckold Christ and mess with his celestial virgins – and I wonder at the end of this, if what we get now is worth eternal damnation, and if these future nuns think about it as I do, and do they even care.

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