Monday, April 22, 2013

Love of nature

The rain patters on my cheeks
But I’m not crying
Love isn’t blind, it’s blindingly bright
Even in weather like this
The river, the soft swell
Filling up each step
As I stumble along this path
No destination except
Where I already am
No thought except to
Embrace this moment
The warmth breath of spring
That has not yet blossomed
And may never but is always
A bud wanted to burst
Full of the ache of anticipation
And the whisper of some voice
I can almost but not quite hear,
All life lingering
On the edge of a dream
Those who love it
Need only to listen
To its song
For deep in that voice,
In the gurgle of the river
Truth can be found
And we spend a lifetime
Working out the harmony
And love of nature
Is often simply being there
And waiting
And breathing deep.

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