Sunday, April 28, 2013

Key to the kingdom (from notebooks -- thought significantly reworked)

 I touch the hard spot with the soft side of my forefinger
Lingering with the tip on the lip of a keyhole I ache to invade
A spot shot with warmth and wet from excess
And the need to go deeper to reach the keep
Beyond the frail veil that of wailing and wonder,
Beyond the shuddering and the cries of the dark of night
Beyond the moans and groans and feigned protests
Or the shrill cries of pleasure pain raining over me
Down deep beyond the veiled promises and seductive rites
To that place where all real secrets reside,
To that place where all life is ripe
Down where all pain turns to pleasure,
And all pleasure to pain,
This key to that door, that wondrous gate
I ache to swing wide and enter,
To forsake all else for paradise
That wonderful, amazing, irresistible,
Gold mine
of your mind.

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