Friday, April 5, 2013

A cup of coffee (with video)

All she wanted was a cup of coffee
And some quiet conversation
To make that dark night
Come out all right
We seated in the front seat
Of my Ford Pinto
As if on our first date
That woman I never saw
Before or since
But think about often
Feeling regret over someone
Whose name she only mumbled
And whose face I barely saw
She needing this to be something
More than what it was
Not love so much as
Something not meaningless
As if she saw something in my face
She missed in all the other men
She’d shared front seats with
A cup of coffee
And a bit of conversation
To make it all come out all right
She would even pay for the coffee
On that cold New York City night
When everything seemed strange
And remote, and I
Foolishly lonely,
Did what every other man did,
I said, no.

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