Friday, April 12, 2013

Being a mused?

I never wanted to live
My life as a ghost
Haunting the edges
Of things I love
To watch
Unable to touch,
To feel,
But not felt,
Except as a remote
But Homer sang
To his muses
And this thought
Inspires me
The power of connection
That reaches beyond
The edges of the world
Defying life or death
Or any of the petty details
We get saddled with
To inspire and be inspired
To go on to become
Something greater
Than I could ever be alone
I hear its songs
Each time I stroll the river side
Filling my lungs with its breath
My nostrils with its scent
Letting its thoughts
Fill my head
Until I no longer know
Which part is me
And which is muse
Nor do I care.

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