Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stormy weather?

Thunder wakes me in the middle of the night,
Shaking me as if the hand of God
Was on my shoulder,
Insisting I learn some rules for living
I know I can live by
And won’t even remember passed
The fringes of my dreams

Bleary-eyed I stared through the downpour
Which smearing the window pane
At the blurred glow of street lights beyond
Some after light I’m not certain
I actually want to reach
Needing to still squeeze the last juice
From the life I’m already living
So I know when I go I haven’t
Missed anything I might regret
Missing later on:
A face I should have greeted,
Lips I should have kissed,
A bus I should have caught
To some destination
I should have reached

I feel the rain inside me and out,
A raging storm over which
I have no real control,
The drum beat of rain
On my heart
Like the core of some
Primitive ritual
I must go through
A right of passage
To some unknown place
For some unknown purpose
And for a moment, I stare
Through the veil of rain
Pondering this mystery of universe
I cannot possibly solve,
Before crawling back
Into bed,
To sleep, and perhaps forget.

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