Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It doesn’t get any better than this

The sea rocked the boat
So that we stagger even before
We’ve ingested our first glasses of wine
It doesn’t get any better than this,
Blood stirred by salt air
And a sense of belonging
Fathers who braved the waves
To get to a place we take for granted,
The taste of sea lingering on our tongues
With each sip

The table between us is littered with
Empty glasses and brochures
It doesn’t get any better than this,
The air blowing through our hair
And across our faces,
Ripping the words out from our lips
With each kiss
As below us the hull hissed
With kisses of its own
Against the rough waves
Sea gulls screaming of pained passion
Above us as we move

Down below, in the belly of this beat
Song birds sing karaoke love songs
It doesn’t get any better than this,
As we cling to the top of this world
Gripping its edges so as not to fall off
This world spinning around us,
As if we are the center of the universe
The ancients believed
And we sail towards some oblivion
At the edge of the flat world

You talk and I talk,
And we say the same things
It doesn’t get any better than this,
Best of friends sharing deepest of secrets
Learning that trust matters more
Than believe in God or government
We coming to believe in the salt
That stirs our blood,
The rattle of glasses that elevates us,
The music that inspires some spirit
In our hearts,
Trust saying that if we believe in each other
And cling to that,
We will never fall off the edge of the earth
That no god, government or world ending event
Can end what we have found
It doesn’t get any better than this.

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