Sunday, May 20, 2012

So far from home

So where in Germany are you from,
She asked, as if intending to make their
Trip to New York City
Worth their while for a night
Or was that wild?
They seemed lost in this world
Where everything seemed strange
Even to me,
And she seemed to want to comfort
Them in a way that would say
They had been somewhere with someone
And perhaps
The two of us might help them
Get over the jet lag
Where are you staying?
The German woman almost shy
Looking long the bar at us
Her gaze wondering about us
Almost as much as we wondered
Where was this going?
Why were we being so friendly
When most Americans were not?
How did you come to be in this bar
So far from home, she asked?
And I wondered how far we could go
To make them welcome
When in the dim of light,
In places such as that,
Where lonely people wandered
Their whole lives like wraiths,
Weren’t we all strangers looking
For comfort?

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